Hi, I’m Zap,
the spirit of the
Obox Planet

Imagine a planet, far away in another galaxy.
It looks pretty much like earth, with wide oceans, broad mountain ranges, roaming animals,and, of course, humans. 

But it is not the same. This planet exists “outside the box”. Outside of all the political struggles, different ideologies, and borders of countries. There is no such thing as a state. No bureaucracy. No military. No lawmakers, and no taxes.

Welcome to the OboxPlanet.
We’re sure you have many questions. How would life work on such a planet? Who would build the roads? Who would take care of the poor? Who would provide safety and security, or in short: How does a society organize itself without politics?

On OboxPlanet you’ll find the answers. We will show you what life outside of politics could look like. Start with the WelcomeCenter or jump right into the discovery labs.

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